Rethinking Political Economy

The Network for a New Political Economy (N2PE) aims to rethink political economy and develop an alternative intellectual paradigm to neoliberalism. N2PE was launched by an interdisciplinary group of faculty and students at the University of California, Berkeley with support from the Hewlett Foundation. The roots of the new paradigm reside in ongoing research in social science departments such as Economics, Political Science, Sociology, and History, as well as professional schools such as Business, Law, and Public Policy. The Network fosters an intellectual conversation among faculty and students across these units and encourages them to frame their insights for public engagement and policy relevance. It facilitates collective deliberation on how political economy should be studied and taught as well as how new perspectives on political economy can be applied to broad public debates and pressing policy problems.

We are now accepting applications for our 2022 Hewlett Summer Institute

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June 6-19, 2022

Hewlett New Political Economy Graduate Summer Institute

In Summer 2022, the Network will bring together 10 Ph.D. candidates from programs around the world in Economics, History, Political Science, and Sociology for a two week workshop at Berkeley which will allow them to collaborate with faculty and each other to define what a new political economy could look like. The Hewlett Foundation will […]

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